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Featured Success Stories

Achieving £1.4million of savings and driving learner success up by 10%

itslearning’s collaboration with Hopwood Hall College has helped to drive up learner success rates by 10 percentage points, propelling it into the top quartile of the UK FE sector.

By May 2015 the College was established as having the strongest performance in the Greater Manchester area and it now sits in third place nationally for vocational performance at Key Stage 5.

Derek O'Toole, Principal, Hopwood Hall College

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Engaged Learners

How can you get your students more actively involved and engaged in their learning? According to Juliet O’Callaghan of Wootton Upper School, “the VLE (virtual learning environment) is a great piece of technology that can actually help that happen. Using itslearning has had a very positive effect”. In this article and its accompanying video, Juliet describes how itslearning has helped empower and enable her students to take charge of their learning.

Juliet O'Callaghan, Wootton Academy Trust (United Kingdom)

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A VLE your school can grow with!

Crookhorn College were utilising the RM learning platform Kaleidos for tasks such as setting academic targets and organising curriculum resources for staff and students. However, the technology didn’t support the pedagogical processes that the college wanted to put into place.

Sarah Bennett, Crookhorn College (United Kingdom)

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An easy system to use!

"itslearning is so much easier to use than our previous Moodle solution. We have found that our tutors and students are using the system well and feedback has been positive. The team at itslearning have been very supportive and have helped us at every stage in our journey."

Cate Tunn, Teaching & Learning Coordinator, Rochdale Training

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