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Everything listed under: software update

  • Software-Update August 2014

    School's out for summer, but when you return we'll have some nice updates waiting for you. This time we have focused on giving students easier access to information, created a more streamlined login process and facilitated sharing in the library, in addition to many other changes. Read all about the updates below.

  • Software update May 2014

    The first update this year continues our focus on responsive design and includes some brand new features we hope you will find useful. We think many of you will be excited about the calendar and Dropbox integration. We have also introduced a new local learning objective repository, a new and simple way of integrating apps, a new planner layout and much more.

  • Software update June 2013

    Since the update last month we've been working to improve learning objective assessment, assessment record functionality, and course copying features. We're also happy to introduce several additional enhancements including the ability to embed audio from ‘My files’ into instructional content and enhancements to ‘My library’. Lastly, we've also removed the frames from itslearning.

  • Software update May 2013

    Starting on 2 May 2013, the second update so far this year contains some long-anticipated features. Based on feedback from users and submissions in our idea portal, we're happy to introduce a brand new file uploading system and the possibility for copying courses with all its content and making course templates. The update also includes criteria-based assessment – also known as rubrics – in addition to many other changes and new features.

  • Software update 9 February 2012

    itslearning was updated on 9 February 2012. This time we have focused on improvements that will make life easier for teachers. We have improved the calendar and assessment record, enhanced some of the content blocks, released a new version of the editor and much more.

  • Software update 17 November 2011

    itslearning was updated on 17 November 2011. This time we've updated the look and feel, but we've got other news as well. In addition to the design refresh, learners and their supervisors can now access important information through the new person profile.

  • Software update 21 June 2011

    itslearning was updated on 21 June 2011. This time we have improved the handling of multimedia files, and we're happy to introduce a brand new content block for notifying you about new and updated elements in your courses. In addition we have many more changes we hope you'll find interesting – from planner updates to export of data.