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Students regularly watch videos to learn new material, participate in online social groups to share information and upload their work to community sites like Flickr and MySpace for comments. itslearning has therefore produced an e-learning platform which incorporates a variety of these methods for interaction and engagement among students.


What's in it for you, your teachers, students and parents?


For you as the Head Teacher

The regular use of learning platforms in education correlates with higher retention, completion and satisfaction among students.

  • While the typical learning platform will have a 20% adoption rate, itslearning sees 80% user rates within 1 year of implementation!
  • Teachers who have used other learning platforms tell us that it takes 1/3 to 1/10 of the time to create a course in itslearning
  • We take full responsibility for day-to-day operations, maintenance and support of the learning platform. This means no local installations and no local maintenance and thus lower total costs.

For your teachers

  • itslearning integrates learning into the student’s life through a suite of communications, assessment, media and organisation tools available anytime, anywhere
  • Whether you want to post lesson notes, reference YouTube videos, moderate an online discussion, or help your students through their first research project, itslearning provides the tools you need. The same tools are available to your students so that they can show you what they know through their own media
  • Organisation, assignments, supplemental materials and assessment are all brought together in a single easy-to-use environment
  • Easy-to-use Individual Learning Plans, formative assessment and a flexible environment allow you to provide each student with what they need to progress


For your ICT Manager

Implement a 10-year proven Software-as-a-Service platform...

  • In the cloud, hosted in a safe and stable environment accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Open, for seamless integration with 3rd party tools. Our Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to develop your own tools in itslearning
  • Manage and protect all of your organisation’s digital assets in a simplified, streamlined system which controls access and distribution to all users
  • Scalable - if you need more licences, just ask!
  • Easy to implement, with no hardware to buy or software to install on local computers. And we can work with you to create the perfect implementation project
  • We have linked our platform to a range of student information systems, and imported data from a number of other LMS


For your students

Take responsibility for your own educational progress itslearning supports student-centered education with:

  • Progress reports showing their progress through assignments, grades, and remaining tasks
  • Project rooms where students can work with their peers around a virtual table
  • Built-in video conferencing with white board where students can work together with their professors and their fellow students
  • A full suite of multimedia and Web 2.0 tools so that students can be creative when learning
  • ePortfolios for every student where they can store, access and publish their work

For the parents

itslearning's Parent Engagement Dashboard gives parents and carers a simple and secure login to a web interface, allowing them to follow their child's education. The benefits for parents include:

  • It's more than just numbers: Many solutions can provide statistics and numbers. We show parents what their child needs to learn, how to learn it and why
  • Automatic updates: With the itslearning Parent Engagement Dashboard, there is no need for teachers to prepare reports: itslearning automatically shows reports already available in the platform. The information becomes available to parents as soon as the teachers publish it.


For more information or to request a free trial, contact us.

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