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Whether you're a Head Teacher or E-learning Manager for a Primary, Secondary or Academy Trust itslearning has the solution for you.

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Primary Education

Children have a wide variety of learning styles and needs. Experience, interests and ability all determine their approach to learning, which is why itslearning supports the needs of individual students.

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  • Secondary Education

    Students regularly watch videos to learn new material, participate in online social groups to share information and upload their work to community sites like Flickr and MySpace for comments. itselarning has therefore produced an e-learning platform which incorporates a variety of these methods for interaction and engagement among students.

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Academy Trusts

One of the key challenges academy trusts face is the ability to collaborate with their schools in an attempt to promote a consistent approach to both teaching and learning. See a few ways the itslearning platform can support you to roll out a collaborated and consistent learning platform across your cluster.

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