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Improve the quality of teaching

itslearning – here to help your school achieve maximum potential

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Strengthen communication and collaboration on both the school and organisation levels.

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  • Teachers

    Increase the engagement of learners, track progress and encourage effective assessment with itslearning's easy-to-use learning platform. All of which will assist and encourage a happy mix of digital and traditional forms of learning.

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Empower students to understand which skills and knowledge they need to progress and achieve the desired outcomes.

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  • Parents

    Increase engagement with parents and help them better understand their child's learning journey. Dedicated Parent Area provides access to children's assignments, progress and classroom updates, helping to strengthen the connection between home and school.

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  • Technology

    A cloud-based learning platform, there’s no software to install and no upgrades to perform with itslearning – which makes our learning platform simple to set-up and easy to run. With a 99.7% uptime guarantee, itslearning is always available to teachers and students.

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One Stop Shop

itslearning offers teachers endless possibilities to create powerful and engaging lessons and activities for their students – both online and in the classroom.

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"Learning by doing, peer-to-peer teaching, and computer simulation are all part of the same equation."

Nicholas Negroponte
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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