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Children have a wide variety of learning styles and needs. Experience, interests and ability all determine their approach to learning, which is why itslearning supports the needs of individual students.

Below are just some of the ways itslearning can support your staff, parents' and students' needs:

Supporting your teachers

Language, experience, interests and ability all determine ability and approach to learning. itslearning supports the needs of individual students, allowing teachers to:

  • Set and track individual learning objectives with Individual Learning Plans
  • Assign remedial materials to those students who need it, and advanced exploratory materials to those students who are ready
  • Communicate directly with individual students
  • Use alternative ways of communication: text, images, audio, video
  • Support individual students to improve outcomes
  • Collaborate with other teachers, administrators and parents in itslearning to support every student’s educational needs
  • Follow each student through automatic reports showing their progress, assignments, grades, and remaining tasks

Adapt views to student age

No size fits all. itslearning combines simple use and advanced possibilities for users of all ages and levels.

  • The Early Learner Interface enables the youngest children to write, draw, calculate and hand in their assignments their own way, providing them with icon based navigation, a colourful appearance, and simplified tools
  • The Intermediate Interface for pupils that have grown out of the Early Learner Interface has all the functionality of the standard itslearning platform – with a brighter appearance
  • In the standard itslearning interface, tabs, buttons and functions can be switched on and off for individual or groups of students to suit their needs and abilities

Engaging with the parents

Although parental involvement is key to a child’s educational success, over 50% of parents say they are in contact with their child’s school just once a term or less.

According to a OnePoll commissioned by BECTA in 2010, 69% of parents say they already use the internet informally as a research tool to help them better understand what their child is learning at school. If schools can engage with these parents via secure online resources,engagement levels could be even higher. The answer is the parent dashboard.

Our Parent Engagement Dashboard allow parents to log on to itslearning to follow their child's education:

  • Secure and simple logon
  • More than just numbers: show parents what their child needs to learn and why
  • Information available to parents as soon as the teachers updates it in itslearning
  • Saves teacher time by giving parents access to automatic reports
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