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Build a strong connection between home and school with itslearning.

Parental engagement

itslearning helps teachers to engage more closely with parents, and enable them to better support their child’s educational journey.

Exclusive Parent Area

itslearning includes a Parent Area where the parents/guardians have access to their childs’ learning, feedback, and progress. Parents can access lesson plans, curriculum objectives, ILP’s, and homework activities, which can give them a better understanding of both the subject knowledge, as well as the progress criteria to support their child from home.

Discussions and comments

Parent discussion area allows them to share concerns and ideas with other parents. Individual learning plans may also be accessed and commented on by parents through the Parent Area.

Efficient connections save time

Parent Area strengthens the direct line between parents and school, and saves time for teachers.

Create a community

The parent area provides a community where parents can work with each other, and with educator.


What the research says

Learn what researchers say about the importance of parental involvement in student success.
Read Parental Involvement in Early Learning

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