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Moving to itslearning

At itslearning, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of education. More than 20% of our 180 staff have worked as teachers, and our learning platform is used by millions of educators, students, admin staff and parents at all levels of education.

If your school is thinking of purchasing a new learning platform, maybe now is the time for you to start thinking about moving to itslearning!

Why choose itslearning?

  • itslearning is a fun and engaging way to teach and learn
  • It's simple to use and easily customisable
  • Accessible for you, your pupil and their parents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Fully integrated with your favourite content including I am learning, J2E, Britannica and many more
  • Includes assessment tools with a wide variety of reporting capabilities
  • It allows you to personalise your learning platform so perfectly suited to early years through to sixth form
  • Create an exercise, quiz or discussion group in just two or three clicks
  • Free audio, video and conferencing tools allowing you to embed media throughout your activities.  So why not get your students to submit their homework as an audio file?
  • Supported by our experienced training team and technical support with free online help videos and webinars. 
  • Our Aspire+ training programme, is a step-by-step self-accreditation course allowing you to create class materials whilst learning!

Success Stories

Read our Success Stories to see how itslearning has helped schools worldwide improve teaching and learning in their classrooms.



Further Education


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