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Learning Thursdays is a monthly webinar programme that gives you bite-size information about different education challenges you might be facing in your school and how to overcome them using itslearning.

Upcoming Webinars

Snow Closures

20th October 2016, 4.00-5.00PM

This winter don’t lose any precious learning time due to bad weather closures. Use your itslearning platform to provide learning opportunities, resources and communication even when your learners and staff cannot physically get into school 

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Whole School Communication

24th November 2016, 4.00-5.00PM

Make your communication to staff, students and parents easier and more cost effective 

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15th December 2016, 4.00-5.00PM

We take a look at how blogs and e-Portfolios can be used to support the synthesis of ideas, reflection on achievements, self-awareness and forward planning.

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Past Webinars

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