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Making IT Happen

Just IT have been providing IT training within London since 2001, they have launched the careers of thousands of IT enthusiasts and supported their further development with a blend of training and recruitment services.

In the summer of 2015 Just IT moved to itslearning:

"We wanted a system that was intuitive and easy for our tutors to create resources for our apprentices. We haven’t been using the system that long, but we can already justify the cost.”

Saving Time:

“We use itslearning as a way of delivering practice tests to our apprentices, previously they would have had to come into the training centre, but now they can do these tests / training with their employer or from home. This has freed up more training rooms and trainers.”


Happy Tutors & Happy Learners:

“Our employers are happier, feedback from tutors, apprentices and employers has been very positive and the support we have received from itslearning has been great’.

24/7 learning:

“Apprentices are able to do their tests / training when it suits them. We can easily monitor who is completing their work and see how the apprentices are progressing.”

What’s next?

We plan to roll out itslearning to all our apprentices in the coming months, and also use it for staff CPD.

Grant Swart, DPP Trainer, Just IT

For more information on Just IT please visit www.justit.co.uk

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