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Eastfield Primary's experience on video - just 3 weeks after training!

Eastfield Primary in Northampton have only been using it's learning for about 4 weeks and have already made great strides in getting children and teachers actively engaged with it.  The Northamptonshire BLT ("Better Learning using Technologies" group) interviewed Chris Hill from the school and the short 3 minute video is now available here.

This is an inspiring story as teachers are often concerned about using a new technology in the classroom and the experience at Eastfield shows that it is possible to make positive steps very quickly when the school management team identify a number of specific projects which a learning platform can be used to address.

To find out more about Eastfield Primary click onto their website .

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1. Nong wrote:
Hi Chris,As a young professional clopue with a baby on the way our opinon is obviously that a school in the estate would be beneficial. But as the comments of Jacqui and Bill show, it is not just people in our position that feel there are clear benefits of having a school in the estate. A school will give central focal point for the estate, a place for new famlys in the area to meet and build a real community. Something that can not be achieved by each family driving to ashby fields or southbrooks to drop their children off. It is the social beneifts of the school that mustn't be understated. From the big school events such as fairs etc to the simplier day to days events of parents getting to know each other while waiting at the school gates for the children. It is these small and simple events that build a big community! With more houses planned on the remaining sites of middlemore, local school places must be understrain. Site 10 was reserved for a school for a clear reason. Something that would have come from days of planning when middlemore was first planned. How can the need for additional school places suddenly of changed, when the number of houses planned hasn't ? My vote is clear and hopefully the voices of the residents of middlemore will be heard!Kind regardsNathan

September 10, 2012 @ 5:50 PM

2. rcchpjuh wrote:
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September 13, 2012 @ 2:10 PM

3. Henning wrote:
This dirty politics crap distsugs me! I like a lot of other certainly want to see a new board at that school. Lord knows it is needed.The letter that was in yesterdays mail does have a few errors first of all don't tell ME who not to vote for. You can give me facts if you feel that is helpful, I can decide myself who to vote for. Second- principals do not have contracts- The devil herself oh I mean Carolyn Wilkovitch stressed Gaida out of the district- the sorry board just allowed her to harass the hell out of that poor man.Third- Don't misrepresent your self by placing a return address that is not yours on the envelope.The biggest flaw of all in that letter is the lack of more info regarding how these people are impeding our childrens education and safety- lord knows that school is lacking. That info would have been much more effective.Those people who placed that flier in those church bulletins- God will get you, and Wilkovitch as well- he already has his eye on your demise anyway. You ought to change your evil ways.You people go to church, say your prayers, put your money in the collection plate and you will burn in hell anyway because you conduct yourselves like the devils advocate in every other aspect of your lives.I won't be supporting this sort of behavior. None of you will have my vote. You have ALL stooped to a new low! Shame on all of you!Well-loved.

September 23, 2012 @ 9:26 AM

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