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The Solution

Sarah Bennett, Deputy Head Teacher

When itslearning was first presented to me, I was looking for a VLE that would replicate the one I had set up with RM. It had essentially operated as a sophisticated drop box facility for staff to upload work which students and other staff could access. It also functioned asan impressive student dashboard; providing information about homework, attendance, grades, etc.

itslearning presented something completely different: pedagogy and the actualplanning of curriculum by staff (as well as access to it bystudents and parents). When I reflected on what had been presented, I realised that this was an opportunity the school could not miss. Whilst daunting, I believed that we had to explore it further.

I spoke to my colleagues and explained how this VLE would require a transformation in the way we plan and deliver each lesson, according to set and differentiated objectives. Whilst all staff have to plan their lessons with differentiated objectives now - doing it on itslearning requires the planning to be done against a scheme of work with the objectives planned over time. The key thing here is that by using the staff planner, student and parents can go back and access the objectives and resources required for each lesson. They can revisit content and assessment criteria and interact with it through the course blog in a way that we do not do now. As we are about to embrace the rewriting of all assessment criteria from Year 11 working backwards to Year 7, it seemed like the perfect time to do it within the framework and structure of itslearning. Staff are also required to rewrite SOW at both KS3 and KS4 to meet changes with each subject’s curriculum. It makes sense to use itslearning to easily translate long term and medium term plans onto the planner for each class.

The School

Crookhorn College of Technology, Waterlooville is a state school for boys and girls from 11 to 16 years old. The school combines a 21st-century learning environment with the timeless traditional values embodied in its Four Cornerstones: Commitment, Responsibility, Respect and Achievement.

The Challenge

Crookhorn College were utilising the RM learning platform kaleidos for tasks such as setting academic targets and organising curriculum resources for staff and students. However, the technology didn’t support the pedagogical processes that the college wanted to put into place.

The Value

We are at the beginning of this journey, but can see huge potential. Learning and access to resources and feedback will extend beyond classroom and books; giving parents a far greater chance to be involved in the process.

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