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Why does your school have to find a new VLE

The contract previously taken out by Bedfordshire County Council for the old Netmedia/MySuite learning platform (also known as MyDesktop/MyClasses) expires on 31 August 2011. This means that schools in Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough now have to select their own VLE and work with a supplier to implement it before the old service is closed down.

Why should you choose itslearning

As the current supplier of the Netmedia/MySuite learning platform, itslearning has worked with Bedfordshire schools for many years. As a result, we can migrate all your existing content to itslearning free of charge, including user data, teaching and learning content and emails. Migration services will not be available when the old Netmedia system is permanently shut down on August 31st. We normally have a 4-6 week backlog of migration requests so it is essential that all schools wanting migration services book their migration by mid June.

By upgrading to itslearning, you can benefit from using an advanced next generation learning platform designed specifically for schools and updated 4-6 times per year.  All schools in each local authority have their own site but situated within a shared service making it easy for teachers to share resources between schools in the authority and to network with each other.

How can you find out more about itslearning?

More than 700 schools have already successfully upgraded to itslearning from the Netmedia Learning Platform/MySuite, and over 100 of these are in Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough.  We have provided all migrated schools with a free training day shared with other local schools to ensure that they can get the most out of their new VLE.

We have previously run a series of seminars locally to show how schools can use itslearning to motivate students and parents, and save time on school and class administration.  We are hoping to arrange another local seminar but, in the meantime you may contact Neil Turner (Central Bedfordshire 0300 3002 4897), Cheryl Eyre (Bedford Borough 01234 836194) or Sam Blyth (itslearning 07825765422) to find out more about your migration options.

If you have decided that you would like to migrate, please download the relevant form below and email to Darren Lloyd, the itslearning migration manager and he will book your migration slot.  You can also call Darren on 07850 915961.

Migration forms