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Preparing for the Apprenticeship Levy

Is it time to re-think your offer?

The new model of Apprenticeship is going to fundamentally change the relationship between employers to training providers. This is going to open up opportunities for innovative providers who can show that they can work closely with employers to deliver added value and support apprentices through the new frameworks. Attractive providers will have a compelling online offer that is able to track, monitor and support learners and prepare them for the end point assessment.

We've teamed up with 3 industry experts to produce a whitepaper and a webinar that highlights what the framework changes will mean to providers and how to overcome them by re-thinking your offer!

In the webinar:

Joe Wilson
former Chief Executive of the College Development Network

Bob Harrison
Member of the Ministerial Educational Technology Action Group

Grant Swart
Curriculum and IT Services Manager, Just IT

In this webinar Joe talks through the challenges of the new apprenticeship levy and the opportunities it opens up for providers in improving the quality of apprenticeship delivery. Bob Harrison is one of the leading members of FELTAG. He shares his vast experience on the use of digital technology for the delivery of teaching, learning and assessment. Just IT are a training provider who are already on this journey. Grant Swart explains how Just IT are using technology to enhance their apprenticeship delivery.

In the whitepaper:

Joe Wilson highlights changes to the framework and what this means to providers, changes to assessment and how you can overcome these changes by using blended learning. Find out how learning platforms play an important part in re-inventing delivery to improve student outcomes.

Download the whitepaper

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