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Acquisition makes it's learning the leading platform in France

it’s learning announced that it had acquired a controlling share in InfoStance from French publishing giant Hachette Livre on 3 December 2010. The acquisition makes it’s learning the largest learning platform provider in France in terms of users, with more than 900,000 users across the country.

Most educational institutions recognise that it’s learning is an excellent pedagogical tool. Now, with the acquisition of French learning platform provider InfoStance, we are developing a learning platform that combines pedagogical tools with advanced administration systems. “We are very interested in the it’s learning solution, but InfoStance has a good offer. It would be great to get a mix of the two solutions.” This was said by a potential it’s learning customer in France just a few months ago. Soon, this customer – and many more around the globe – will be able to enjoy a learning platform that combines Norwegian pedagogical flair and French practicality. InfoStance is the only company in France to have achieved full user adoption in Local Education Authorities, and its learning platform, ScolaStance, is known as an advanced school administrative system that integrates seamlessly with all other major school IT systems. We’re working to create an even better learning platform by integrating the best elements of ScolaStance into it’s learning – and our customers will see the first benefits by the end of next year. Here are some of the Scola Stance features we are looking to integrate:

  • A resource booking tool for reserving rooms, projectors and other shared equipment
  • An enhanced course schedule that’s integrated with timetable systems
  • 360° overview of individual learners featuring grade books, ILPs, attendance and moreh
  • Easy creation of dynamic student groups that can be used throughout the system
  • Integrated website content management solutions for schools
  • SDET 2.0 compliance and integration with French SSO and ENT systems


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1. Joe wrote:
after posting this i will be using aldcobk to remove the comments of this website.you should all go to therapy or find a new hobby, posting hate nonsense is just plain retarded.byeDaemonK 19 בספטמבר 2011, 8:52 צודק. באמת צריך להמציא תוסף (לכל דפדפן) להסתרת התגובות בגאדג'טי. מרגיש כאילו בכוונה נותנים במה לילדים בגילאים 6-10 (כנראה מהווים 95% מכל המגיבים באתר) להביע את "דעתם" בפומבי. מביך בשביל אתר כמו גאדג'טי שרכש קהילת קוראים לא קטנה לקרוא את בליל השטויות הלא מסונן שנושא את הכותרת "תגובות".

September 11, 2012 @ 5:44 AM

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September 11, 2012 @ 1:18 PM

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September 13, 2012 @ 3:01 PM

4. Miky wrote:
Everything in the post feels really good. However, I've leaenrd to immediately take notice of every time my feelings start welling up. Why? Because, in many cases I've seen emotions cast a large, dark shadow over logic and facts. The fact is over the last 20-30 years education has been struck by so many crises, it is virtually impossible to find the source. Bloated administration to teacher ratios, lower teacher wages, standards testing controversies, minority learning pressures, etc. We have enough knowledge, facts and statistics to determine exactly how to teach. Educators also need to take an objective, non-emotional look at what they've been doing in many cases, teachers have gone way to far, in my opinion, in education to turn authority over to children, who have no business calling the shots. Some of the problem is our society has adopted the parents (now teachers) as friends mentality. In that process, we've wasted much time in trying to figure out and implement less effective ways of teaching, in order to appease students' desire for control and individualism. We've also allowed too much nonsense and disrespect in the classroom, disguised as personal expression. So, if teachers need a little extra psychology training, great. But, teachers should not/cannot undo teaching standards on behalf of a few unique students, and expect the process not to be affected. Especially with high student:teacher ratios. This is exactly why private schools continually (generally speaking) outperform public schools. They set classroom standards and stricly abide by them. The parents that agree with the school's policies will back up the teacher. Those that don't find another school. It eliminates disharmony in the classroom and minimizes bahavioral issues.Kids need to be taught. Yes, there are factors that drive new curriculum, such as technology, but if teachers don't spend most of their time teaching, setting expectations of achievement and holding students accountable to meet them, then what happens when those kids enter the mostly authoritarian workplace?

September 21, 2012 @ 8:15 PM

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