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We're not just a Learning Platform.
We are so much more.

Talk to us about how we can help you reach your school improvement goals.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Discover blended learning with our MOOC.
This course introduces teachers to blended learning, suggesting practical tips to get started with blending your class today.
Our second MOOC will begin Monday 20th April.

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We're Here to Help Teachers

From planning and preparing, to assessing and reporting, our learning platform helps teachers improve education for students around the world.

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Assessment Made Easier

Assessment is an important part of modern teaching. Make assessments and tracking more efficient with tests that can be cloned, modified and marked automatically; surveys and polls for quick opinions; and ePortfolios that showcase student evidence based work over time – all in one location, with one login.

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Learn Anywhere

Manage and harness your mobile strategy in one central location with itslearning's online learning environment.

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The itslearning App

itslearning mobile app

From teacher feedback to notifications on upcoming tasks and homework,
the itslearning App delivers students instant updates directly to their smart phones.

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  • Extending the classroom

    itslearning makes teaching easier by automating the routine tasks that teachers perform everyday such as creating lessons, distributing and collecting assignments, marking quizzes and tests, and communicating with parents. With less paperwork and fewer administrative tasks to perform, teachers have more time to do what they love most – teach!

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  • Strengthen the home-school connection

    Communication and engagement with parents is important. With a single login to itslearning's Parent Portal, parents can view their child’s progress, homework and school announcements, staying in close communication with the teacher to ensure students are moving forward. More than one child? Parents can view updates for all of their children without logging out.

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Professional Development Communities

Build an online professional learning community for teachers to connect, collaborate, and share resources and best practices.

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"itslearning presented something completely new. Their presentation had a real approach to pedagogy, centered around curriculum planning by the staff, and the access by students and parents. It wasn’t too long after the presentation I realised that this was an opportunity not to be missed."

Sarah Bennett, Deputy Headteacher, Crookhorn Community College
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